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Dependable Manufacturing of Cooling Tower Parts



CTP Manufacturing inspection services focus on a thorough examination of the existing cooling tower, fluid cooler, or evaporative condenser located at a clients building or facility. CTP will inspect all aspects of the unit and provide onsite comments and feedback to the maintenance department in regards to corrective measures that can be implemented to help alleviate a system problem or better enhance the cooling efficiency and capacity of the equipment. 

Our inspections encompass all of the major components which can effect cooling capacity. Cooling Towers, Fluid Coolers, and Evaporative Condensers tend to be the least maintained equipment on a facility and through this lack of upkeep often becomes the source of more extensive problems down the line, which in many cases encompass more sophisticated and expensive repairs. Our goal is to help identify such problems and provide solutions that can help clients mitigate the negative impact on their system and regain capacity and in some cases extend capacity to handle greater loads than originally planned. 


Following the inspection process, typically a scope of work and material list must be generated in order for owners to specify the types of materials they wish to use and in which manner the work will be performed. Often if an owner relies upon the contractor to develop a proposal package in which they define their own scope of work, one will find that multiple results tend to be presented which can then be relatively difficult to determine which proposal provides the best results while making financial sense. 

CTP Manufacturing does not provide service work, however our background within the service industry is comprised of more than 20 years of experience in retrofits, replacements, and component upgrades. CTP Manufacturing will work with the owners to develop a detailed scope of works and bill of materials by which then the contractors are invited to submit proposals against. By maintaining a consist scope of work and material list through the bidding process, owners can more easily distinguish which contractor is providing the most competitive price. 

CTP Manufacturing's goal with our services is to help educate and work with owners and their staff to ensure that they receive the best material available to them and has the work performed by a contractor whom has shown a positive track record for such work throughout the years.

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